Corporate Energy Efficiency Award: 2009 Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Awards

Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Awards

The 2009 award for Corporate Energy Efficiency was presented to Wal-Mart for leading the way to reduce energy and environmental impacts.

This video introduces the Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Awards and illustrates Wal-Mart’s work.

Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer and has strived to become the standard bearer for energy efficiency in the global retail industry. Wal-Mart’s energy and environmental initiatives include: doubling the fuel efficiency of their transportation fleet, becoming 100 percent supplied by renewable energy, and creating zero waste in their stores. Through their “Sustainability 360” approach, Wal-Mart is redefining how the retail industry manages energy. Through this approach, Wal-Mart continues its legacy of energy efficient installations which thereby reduce our carbon footprint on a per-store basis. Moreover, by sharing best practices with academic institutions, industry groups, government agencies and other businesses – including their competitors – Wal-Mart is creating a blueprint that other retailers are following.



29 March 2009

2009 Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Awards

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