Board Directors in Today’s Board Rooms


On the 15th October I spoke at TEDxNewSt about the changing role of the non-executive board director in today’s world.

If our companies are the engine for bringing us out of the doldrums, then we need to have the best foundations and tools for them to do just that.

The talk touches on the make-up of the board, and the way that non-executive board directors do their jobs.

The nature of what it takes to be a responsible board member anywhere in the world has changed.

It examines the role of diversity, in the most diverse sense of diversity, communicating effectively in dynamic board rooms, and what it means to be an active and engaged board member.

Board directors today need to be much more active in their approach to ensure that the organisations they serve do not simply survive, but thrive … Nothing less should be demand of them than that.

The talk also explores four areas:

A full transcript of the speech is available for viewing & downloading here

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22 October 2010

YouTube: TEDxNewSt - Lucy P. Marcus - Boardroom Activism

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