Burberry’s Loss is Apple’s Gain

Angela Ahrendts, the CEO of Burberry, is heading to Apple to take up the post of Senior VP of Apple’s Retail And Online Stores.

This is a great move for Apple.

Ahrendts has been a successful CEO for Burberry. She came to Burberry at a time when the brand image was struggling, and turned it around so that it is a respected sleek global brand.

She brings with her an understanding of design, image, and a strong background in retail sales, as well as an international sensibility. She is well respected by investors and brings gravitas to the post. She also bolsters Apple’s rather slim number of female executives.

I spoke with Reuters about the move and its implications for Apple and for the tech sector. Please view the video here.


15 October 2013

Burberry’s Loss is Apple’s Gain

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