C-Suite Suicide: It Needn't Be Lonely

Recent reports of high profile executives committing suicide are worrying. The chief executive of the telecoms group Swisscom, Carsten Schloter, is one such case. That of the CFO of Zurich Insurance Group, Pierre Wauthier, is another.

At any level of an organization, it is very easy to become consumed by work and overwhelmed. That, combined with personal stress, can begin to build up and to feel unbearable.

Earlier this year I wrote a piece called When stopping is the best way to go: the 3 step personal off-site In it I talked about one approach that I’ve found effective in dealing with feeling overwhelmed.

I wanted to note it again, because as the summer ends and work kicks into high gear, it will be easy to get caught up in the maelstrom. It is vital to find ways to help bring balance and perspective, be it through taking a deep breath and getting some perspective, reaching out and talking to friends, or anything else that you think works well for you.

Also, we need to look out for one another: be kind to one another, remember that we are all doing the best we can. And if you see someone who seems in distress, take a moment to reach out to them.

I hope you’ll read and share When stopping is the best way to go: the 3 step personal off-site. Also, please share any ideas and suggestions about what works for you to de-stress. I’m sure others would find them helpful too.

If you have a friend or colleague who is caught in the vortex, I hope you’ll pass this along to them. Share your thoughts at the original place where column appeared on LinkedIn or with me via Twitter @lucymarcus.


29 August 2013

C-Suite Suicide: It Needn't Be Lonely

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