Davos: A look inside an exclusive gathering

The tiny town of Davos, Switzerland, is bursting at the seams. More than 2,500 executives, heads of state, government officials, even musicians and artists have descended upon this mountain community (year-round population: 11,000) for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. (For a closer look see: A Portrait of Power.)

A ring of police barricades and security checks around Davos swing back to admit chief executives, media, queens, presidents, even world-renowned artists, then swing closed to protestors and tourists.

What is it really like to attend one of the world’s most exclusive and powerful gatherings? Pack your bags. BBC Capital columnist Lucy Marcus takes you along on her trip. One plane and three trains later, you emerge in the highest city in Europe. The air is as heady as the company. Click the here to watch the video of the start of the gathering as the barricades fall away.


22 January 2015

Davos: A look inside an exclusive gathering

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