In the Boardroom of the BBC Trust

When the BBC News axed their investigation into sexual abuse allegations linked to children’s presenter Jimmy Savile, it started a chain of events that proved disastrous for the BBC and led to the forced resignation of Director General George Entwistle only 54 days into his tenure. An independent review called it: “one of the worst management crises in the BBC’s history”. Outsiders wondered how those at the top of the BBC could be so detached from its content

So who is in charge at the BBC?

The BBC is run by two arms: the BBC Trust and Executive Board. The BBC Trust is an independent body that guards the licence fee revenue, looking after the public interest by setting budgets and long-term policies. The executive board also has independent directors – it deals with the day-today running of the BBC – its creative and editorial direction, if you like.

So how does this complex model work in a crisis? I spoke to the Vice Chair of the BBC Trust, Diane Coyle, for In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus about the structure and oversight powers of the BBC Trust, transparency in the boardroom, and how boards operate in a crisis.

This video is from the tv series I host for Reuters In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus.


11 March 2013

In the Boardroom of the BBC Trust

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