Is Europe still a good venture market?

Europe is a very strong market for investment, especially in biotech, medtech, and cleantech. Research in the universities, government policies across Europe for cleantech initiatives, support from local government who see being a “science city” as a development future for their communities, and the move of the biotech and pharma industries to depend more and more upon blue sky research being done outside of their companies and then snapping that up and integrating it through acquisition means that the environment is ripe for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Also, there is an strong push towards innovation throughout large impactful sectors in Europe. One example is the push for innovation in medtech and biotech from the NHS (the UK’s National Health Service) The NHS has set up an Innovation Fund and an initiative like that will be a huge boost for the sector, not only with money, but also in attitude and interest. When a sector as significant as that makes a move like this it helps shift the pendulum because it provides a real boost. It has an input and output effect: it creates an dynamic environment that encourages research and innovative thinking and then also strengthens and enables the desire by the NHS to modernise and adapt to come to fruition. It is truly putting their money where their mouth is.


28 February 2010

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