Video: In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus: Back to School

What are boards thinking about as they go back to the boardroom?

September brings a return to the boardroom. Traditionally most boards take some time off during the summer, but this summer saw a lot of activity inside and around the boardroom. Chairs and board directors took time to re-examine, reassess, and regroup so they can hit the ground running.

There was plenty for them to think about as they reflected over the past year, and as they watched Barclays, Standard Chartered, and others in the spotlight, and thought about what it means for them.

I worked with a number of boards and board chairs this summer, and here are the things on their minds and the things they’ll be grappling with this autumn, above and beyond the usual business of the year


6 September 2012

Video: In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus: Back to School

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