What's next for the media biz?

The media sector going through a great deal of change at a very fast pace. This is a big upheaval for such a traditional sector.

In this edition of In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus filmed at the International Journalism Festival, I spoke with NewsCorp’s Raju Narisetti and the New York Times’ Margaret Sullivan about the state of the media sector and how it is changing. We explored several areas:

- paywalls or no pay walls – new models for making money – the increased parsing of media outlets from long form to listicles – what lessons can be learned from the disruption in the media sector for other traditional sectors – what comes next

If you are interested in a more in-depth discussion on the topic, take a look at the video of one of the panel’s I took part in at the Festival “Business models and brands: journalism’s bottom line under the spotlight”. This panel goes into much more depth about the state of the media sector and was a fast paced and wide ranging romp through how the media business works today and might work tomorrow.

The other panellists were NewsCorps’ “Raju Narisetti:http://twitter.com/raju, Fusion’s Felix Salmon, Gigaom’s Om Malik and L’Espresso’s Claudio Giua.

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6 May 2014

What's next for the media biz?

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