Marcus Venture Consulting

As advisors to those in the venture fund and private equity arena, Marcus Venture Consulting works with new venture funds, venture funds that are rethinking their strategies and mandates, corporate venturing initiatives, and vehicles designed for the public markets. We provide insight on the market, on the developments across the sector around the world, an understanding of the landscape, and help funds form or restructure to excel in what is an increasingly complex landscape.

We do this with in-depth knowledge, and most importantly with only the priorities and needs of the client and the state of the market today and tomorrow in mind — providing them with honest and forthright advice that is tailored to their needs alone — there are no cookie cutter situations and no cookie cutter solutions. For all of our clients, the secret to success in any competitive market, be they limited partner or fund, is to be the one whose skills are better honed, clearly defined, more thoughtfully and imaginatively used, and, most importantly, to be the one who can assess their competitive landscape prudently and looks deeper for the answer to the question “what market am I in?”


Founder & CEO

Marcus Venture Consulting