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The Real Business of Business Monthly Commentaries on Ethics, Leadership, and Governance, by Lucy Marcus

Are corporate boards and managers truly accountable to shareholders? Is the sharp rise in executive pay in recent years justified? Is transparency always the best policy? How can companies – large and small – adapt to technological changes that are empowering consumers and communities as never before?

“The business of business,” Milton Friedman famously said, “is business.” But the question that Friedman was addressing – whether companies have obligations that transcend maximizing profits and shareholder value – has not gone away. On the contrary, the most effective business leaders recognize that many of their decisions inevitably affect a wide range of stakeholders – not only consumers, but also workers and the communities in which their companies operate. The question is not whether companies should behave in a socially responsible manner, but what that responsibility entails and how to meet it.

This monthly column will focus on the real business of business and will be monthly commentaries on ethics, leadership, and governance and the key questions that companies and citizens alike must address. The column will be available in 12 languages, including Spanish, and will be syndicated in papers around the world

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