Lucy P. Marcus is an opinion columnist and hosts a tv series, “In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus” for Reuters on the intersection of boards and leadership


Her columns focus on boards, corporate governance, leadership, ethics, and best practices.

Her articles for Reuters include topics like:

In the Boardroom with Lucy Marcus

Lucy Marcus, an award-winning and internationally-recognized expert on boards and corporate governance, has a conversation with a variety of people who are making a real impact on moving the needle of how boards are operating now and in the future around the world, including influential board directors, policy makers, and those who can give important insights into the way boards work and should work. It is global in scope, and the point is to have a straight talking open conversation that avoids jargon and communicates important new ideas to a wide audience. For example, recently she’s had conversations with Lord Moynihan, chair of the British Olympic Association, Germany’s Family Affairs Minister, Kristina Schröder, who is responsible for Germany’s controversial ‘flexi-quota’ board policy and Lord Davies, author UK’s report on women in the boardroom. The show is an extension of her opinion column for Reuters on boards and leadership.



Lucy P. Marcus, Reuters