Britain's best connected woman: the final six

Last month we proudly announced our shortlist of the best-connected women in British business. After an incredible response from voters all over the world, we can now reveal the talented, respected and brilliantly connected women who have made it to the final six. Here they reveal how they network and why it’s so important.

Lucy Marcus, founder, Marcus Venture Consulting

In her own words
Connecting with people is more important than ever. In a world where new and interesting ideas can come from anywhere, true value is found by breaking through the silos of sector-only or country-only knowledge and relationships.

It is not just about the number of people you know or the mountain of business cards you collect, but rather about the depth and authenticity of the relationships you build and sustain, the depth and maturity of the connection you have with one another, and about nurturing and valuing the free flow of ideas.

The integration of social media tools and the use of technologies such as Skype means that used properly, the online and offline exchange of ideas can be seamless. We need only keep an open mind and be on both “transmit” and “receive” to be able to find new, dynamic ways to work together. One of the most exciting developments that technological advances have facilitated is the breaking down of the hierarchy of ideas. Technology allows great ideas to bubble up no matter whether they originate from a young woman entrepreneur in Japan or an elder statesman in Africa.

In your words
Lucy Marcus is a major contributor in the world of corporate social responsibility and board governance. She is a key adviser to CSRwire leadership and our readers around the world depend upon her advice.
Jan Morgan, CSRwire

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1 October 2011


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Britain's best connected woman: the final six

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