CNBC's Europe Today

Lucy P. Marcus appeared on CNBC’s Europe Today to discuss the potential impact of the U.S. elections and the change in U.S. administration on the technology sector in Europe and the U.S.

Some of the areas discussed:

What impact will a change in administration have on the technology sector? – individual domestic policy changes may impact the sectors that are using technology to facilitate their businesses – global nature of technology is such that the government does not and can not hold back the progress and momentum of technology – effect of differing opinions and stances on privacy issues

How about each candidates relationships with key technology companies and influencers?
The Clinton administration developed a fairly good working relationship with the technology sector. If Bush wins he will have to quickly develop those relationships and expertise

What other impact will the change in administration have?
The development of technology sector has pushed the envelop of areas such as privacy and issues of copyright, and the decisions made by the new administration on the interpretation of their views, into policy, will be impactful and have long lasting consequences

What are other key issues that are common to the US and Europe?
Bridging the digital divide
Focus on social venture capital
Technology in schools and investment in “human capital”


9 November 2000



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