Gender Politics in the Age of Dot-coms

Lucy Marcus was mentioned in this Newsweek article…

By Rana Foroohar

Years ago, when the Internet was new, people said it would do a lot of things. It would make face-to-face communication obsolete. It would make it possible to live in Bali and work in Brussels. And by replacing real offices with faceless virtual ones, the Net would erase the inequalities of the bricks-and-mortar workplace and create a gender-neutral business environment. Of course, all this sounds pretty naive now. Face-to-face communication is as important as it’s ever been. And the Internet certainly hasn’t erased the boundaries of color, gender and ethnicity.

The Internet has without doubt changed things for working women—in many ways, at least temporarily, for the worse. Until a few months ago, I worked at a European Internet start-up. I originally took the job because I liked the idea of working with open-minded, entrepreneurial types who were creating new business paradigms. Almost immediately, however, I was confronted with a harsh reality of Europe’s New Economy: many start-ups were filled with people from the Old Economy, namely investment bankers and management consultants. They often came from cultures that aren’t particularly female-friendly, and they brought those cultures with them. Testosterone levels were high. Team spirit was minimal…


8 January 2001



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