In 2011 I Learned That…

Josh Brown asked a wide array of people to complete the sentence:

“In 2011 I Learned That…”

He collected great answers from a couple of dozen smart folks, and some of them include:

Heidi Moore (Marketplace Radio): the only real truth in finance comes from a subpoena.

Katie Rosman (WSJ): if you don’t want to see it quoted in a newspaper, don’t tweet it.

Anthony DeRosa (Reuters): I still have a lot to learn.

Lucy Marcus (Harvard Business Review): Boards can run but they can’t hide. (see Olympus, MF Global, NewsCorp, HP, Yahoo, the list goes on…)

Simone Foxman (Business Insider): Slovakia can very occasionally become the most important country in the world. Who knew?”

Dan Primack (Fortune): rich people don’t like other people calling them rich.

Tracy Alloway (FT): there isn’t a crisis so bad that it can’t be made worse by Continental Europe.

Josh Brown (TRB): you can Occupy any place you’d like, just make sure it’s not John Paulson’s investor list.

Kevin Roose (DealBook): copy editors are you’re friends.

Francine McKenna (Re: The Auditors): segregated funds are not really segregated and commingling is not as sexy as it sounds.

Kelly Evans (WSJ): It is far better to be an investor than a taxpayer.

To see the full list go to The Reformed Broker


30 December 2011


The Reformed Broker

In 2011 I Learned That…

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