Independent voices of 2011: The most influential non-celebrity users of Twitter

Lucy P Marcus was voted one of the most influential voices on Twitter.

Lucy P Marcus

The founder and head of Marcus Venture Consulting, which works with private equity and venture capital funds, Marcus is also a columnist for both Reuters and Harvard Business Review and is a major voice on boards and corporate governance.

Followers: >6,100

PeerIndex rating: 63

From the article:

As we’re painfully aware, gaining celebrity status doesn’t automatically bestow on you the ability to say anything interesting. Nowhere is this more apparent than on Twitter, where the internationally famous can effortlessly rack up hundreds of thousands of followers purely because of who they are or what they’ve done, and then fail to utter anything of note.

But the real value of Twitter was never to be found in celebrity back-slapping and self-congratulation; the unsung voices make it compelling. These are the people who aren’t driven purely by flogging a book or a film, or fulfilling an obligation to their PR company. They’ve merely succeeded in harnessing the 140-character medium and then using it to inform, provoke, entertain and engage.

Independent Voices 2011 is an attempt to recognise some of those names. With the help of PeerIndex – a company that maps the social web and is similarly keen on uncovering new sources of authority online – we counted votes from Independent readers and users of the PeerIndex website across seven categories (UK news, world news, people, entertainment, technology, science and environment, and business) to determine a group of winners and runners-up.

Some category victors won’t come as a surprise: Wael Ghonim (ghonim), for example, whose digital activism helped to spark the pro-democracy protests in Egypt. Others, such as Ben Goldacre (bengoldacre), are already known beyond Twitter for their trenchant views. And then there are more maverick voices, such as Greg Stekelman (@themanwhofell), to vary what might otherwise be a relentless diet of news and comment. What all these Independent Voices have in common is that they help to demonstrate that Twitter, so often maligned for being dull and inconsequential, is also anything but.


22 December 2011


The Independent

Independent voices of 2011: The most influential non-celebrity users of Twitter

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