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Before you take the plunge into the world of women’s business networks, take a closer look under the network spotlight. This month, we speak to Lucy P. Marcus, the founder of HighTech Women

What is HighTech Women all about?
HighTech Women is an on-line and off-line meeting and mentoring place for women in technology and technology related sectors. It brings together a diverse group of women in a congenial atmosphere, to talk and write about their work and to do business. Our objective is to facilitate the advancement of women in technology and technology related fields, and to create an opportunity for women to help one another foster their ambitions.

Who are your members?
HighTech Women is for women in any tech-related sector or doing tech-related work, including law, venture capital, consulting, accounting, journalism, recruitment, etc. It includes women in all parts of technology organisations, including finance, marketing, sales, human resources, and at any point in their career, from the most junior to the most senior.

How many members do you have?
HighTech Women has grown quickly to almost 1000 registered members, and more than four times that number visit the site on a regular basis. It continues to grow at more than 100 members per month.

How often do you meet?
Our 360º meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of every month. We pick a topic and look at it from a 360º perspective and the panel facilitates lively discussions and debates. Past event topics include Public Relations, Human Resources, Building and Financing a HighTech Company, Marketing in HighTech, and Partnering in HighTech

Roundtables are an intimate gathering of people in a similar profession, job, or common interest to share ideas and skills. December will see the Telecom Roundtable, and further roundtables include: public relations, technology, CFO/controllers, and others. Members are welcome to think of ideas or organise roundtables.

What other opportunities are there to get involved?
We have informal social gatherings including dinners, lunches, and social events. Our members can also write articles to share their know-how and experiences. Recent articles include Truly HighTech Recruitment, What Makes a Good Corporate Website, Web Content, and The Business of Ethics.

We have also created the HighTech Women Pool of Directors. Capable mentors, advisors and non-executive directors are fundamental to any organisation.

Plans for the future?
Future events include: a business plan competition, business clinics, skills workshops, school/university outreach programme, job posting and recruitment days, ‘will help’ files for special interest areas, and co-sponsored events. The web site will grow to serve the needs of the community, and will include a resource centre with case studies, profiles, links, features, and news.

What are your members saying?
How reassuring to find a whole roomful of women obsessing shamelessly about the same weird issues that occupy my every waking thought. I used to think I was strange, but now… Sofia Langley, Director, CARMA Limited (Computer-Aided Risk Management & Analysis)

The meeting was fantastic and a brilliant idea! I am excited and proud to be a part of this dynamic group of impressive women. Georgia Lainiotis, Director of Business Development, Bank of Scotland

How would you join HighTech Women?
To join HighTech Women, register on the web site at We do not charge our members to join HighTech Women, and encourage them to spread the word.


25 October 2000


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