The Wire: Five Best Wednesday Columns

Lucy’s column was included in The Wire’s list of Five Best Wednesday Columns:

Lucy P. Marcus at Reuters on how GM can recover from the ignition switch recall scandal. “Congress will question why Barra’s most recent predecessors didn’t catch the defective switch. A likely explanation is that the board and senior management were so focused on digging GM out of bankruptcy that they weren’t paying attention to what else may have been going amiss,” Marcus writes. “The ignition switch recall has been a big test for Barra, and one that she has so far managed well. She reportedly learned the full extent of the problem on January 31, two weeks into her tenure as CEO. If Barra works closely with her executive team and board — and the board is committed to strong oversight and strategy — GM has a fair shot at succeeding.”


2 April 2014


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Five Best Wednesday Columns

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