125 Anniversary Conference on Alumnae Achievement and Women’s Leadership

In a dozen panel sessions, more than 50 alumnae discussed their careers, their multifaceted life paths, and Wellesley’s place in their lives. Some of the panelists included: former Secretary of State Madeleine Korbel Albright, US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, teacher Joy Dickson ’92, writer-director Nora Ephron ’62, author Rosario Ferre ’60, astronaut Pamela Melroy ’83, journalists Lynn Sherr ’63 and Linda Wertheimer, and rancher Margaret Sibbitt ’79.

There was a special keynote address by former Secretary of State Madeleine Korbel Albright ’59 and US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton ’69. Click here to listen to this rare joint keynote address or to read/print a transcript.

HighTech Panel

Moderators: Panagiotis T. Metaxas, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Emily Braunstein, Class of 2001

Linda S. Alger ’60 is division leader of software engineering at the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, MA., where she is responsible for the development of aviation and space-flight software. Recent responsibilities include the development of the fault tolerant system services software for the prototype of the NASA crew return vehicle and design and implementation of the applications controller for the backup computer for the Space Shuttle.

Alison Li Chung is the founder and president of TeamWerks, Inc., a Chicago-based technology consulting firm. She worked for 10 years as chief information officer at one of Chicago’s largest law firms, where she created and built the firm’s technology services department. A native of Hong Kong and a math major at Wellesley, she is active in numerous professional and community associations in Chicago and is committed to organizations that promote educational and cultural growth.

Laurie Geronimo ’92 and Michele Geronimo ’97 are co-founders of Secure Sponsorship, an online service firm that enables nonprofit organizations, donors and participants in fundraising events to build and maintain lasting relationships and to work together to maximize education and outreach about important social causes. The company recently was awarded $250,000 in funding and services as the winner of Cambridge Incubator’s Get ORGanized 2000, the world’s first nonprofit Internet business plan competition. Both sister left senior-level positions to launch their nonprofit e-business. Laurie has spent more than eight years working with such institutions as the Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where she managed several cancer and HIV research labs. Michele left a position as a senior credit analyst with BankBoston, where she research and analyzed emerging companies in the telecommunications industry.

Lucy P. Marcus ’93, is the founder and managing director of Marcus Venture Consulting, Ltd., a London-based advisory helping funding organizations to develop and implement a competitive strategy for investing in technology and telecommunications. She also is the founder and managing director of HighTech Women, an off- and online mentoring and meeting place for women in technology and technology-related sectors. Listed as a “face to watch” among Britain’s 50 Most Powerful Women and Business Age magazine’s “Net 10-The 10 Women Changing the Direction of British Business,” she is a member of Wellesley’s Business Leadership Council.

Beverly Sobelman ’86 has enjoyed a wide-ranging career in the computer industry since she graduated with a degree in math and computer science. At the MITRE Corporation, she worked on military software engineering and artificial intelligence projects. She earned a master’s in computer science at UC-Berkeley. She heeded the siren song of Microsoft in 1995, where she spent six years in the Office division, starting as a software developer and most recently serving as development manager for a team of 25. She is now the technical strategist for the Natural Language Group, whose mission is to make interaction with computers possible using human language.


21 April 2001


Wellesley College


Wellesley, MA

Women Who Will: A Celebration of Wellesley College Alumnae and Their Life Paths

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