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Quest for Value has been carefully designed by a group of leading industry figures, and will address the critical issues facing all of us working in the UK’s new media industry. Workshops include: – On your Marks, Get Set… Broadband – Laptops and Desktops: How to Retain and Motivate New Media Talent – Generation x + 1: Nurturing Future Talent – How to stand out from the crowd: Brand Strategy in New Media – Funding Innovation and Growth – Grow Fast, Grow Strong – Turning Audiences into Communities – Is There Anybody Out There? – A New Standard: Does the Industry Need a Standard Legal Contract?

In all, there will be some 50 speakers assembled, drawn from some of the most innovative and interesting new media companies working in the UK.
They will be openly and honestly talking about the problems, obstacles and opportunities that they are facing in their quest for business and creative success in the field of interactive media.

Speakers include: Gary Lockton, DeepGroup; Felicia Jackson, Netimperative; Sam Michel, Chinwag; Carol Dukes,; Ross Sleight, Fingertips Media; Kim Thesinger, Idesk; Jonathan Briggs, Other Media; Annabelle Rhiando, Pool Side; Anthony Lilley, Magic Lantern; Anne Dixon, Workhouse; Paul Murphy, Flextech; Hilary Kelsh, Icon Medialab; Robert Hamilton, Scan; Mark Weber, Attic Media; Rachel O’Sullivan, Air-tight; Lucy Marcus, Marcus Venture Consulting; Simon Warner-Bore, Okupi; Lizzie Jackson, BBC; and Tory Crimmins, iVillage… plus many more.


4 October 2000


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Quest for Value 2000: Best Practice in the New Media Business



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