Green in the City: Cleantech meets Biotech

Green in the City, presented by ecoConnect and Cleantech Investor, is London’s flagship green industry event.

Every month, Green in the City debates the hottest topics – and addresses the challenges and opportunities involved in the transition to a ‘cleantech economy’. It brings together top funding executives, entrepreneurs, leading innovators and opinion leaders – the very people driving the development and adoption of cleantech products, technologies and brands in this rapidly expanding market.

Uniquely positioned in the industry with top tier speakers and executive networking in an unparalleled atmosphere, Green in the City is a must-attend event for all participants in the UK cleantech space.

Our September event will explore the areas where cleantech ‘meets’ biotech.

Much of the development taking place today in the ‘green biotechnology’ and ‘white biotechnology’ spaces could be described as ‘clean technology’. Green biotechnology is defined as biotech applied to agricultural processes. Typically, this involves biotech developments in fields such as organic pesticides or fertilizers. White biotechnology refers to biotech applied to industrial processes. Examples include the use of enzymes as industrial catalysts – where there are a host of ‘cleantech’ applications ranging from enzymes which can absorb CO2 from power plants to the use of enzymes in the biofuel industry or to produce bioplastics.

We will discuss topics including:

Panelists include:
Graeme Purdy – CEO, Ilika plc
Hamish Curran – CEO, TMO Renewables
Dr Rob Wylie – Partner, Wheb Ventures
Lucy P Marcus – CEO, Marcus Venture Consulting

Attendees include:

o Entrepreneurs and Innovators
o Institutional, Private Equity and VC Investors
o Corporate Executives seeking Cleantech Solutions
o Cleantech service providers
o CSR Executives
o Public Officials/Political Leaders
o NGOs and Environmental Trade Associations
o Specialist Media


30 September 2010


Green in the City Cleantech Economist series


Green in the City: Cleantech meets Biotech

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Nomura House, London EC1A 4NP

Green in the City: Cleantech meets Biotech

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