Leading Insights: European Debt Crisis

Bloomberg Businessweek

A compelling dialogue about one of the biggest challenges affecting the global economy: the European Debt Crisis. Concern over rising government debt levels throughout Europe continues to grow, as developments in one country are felt overnight by businesses in another. What immediate and long-term effects could the EU debt crisis have on interest rates, currency valuations, supply chains, political stability, and mid- to large-sized companies in the local area? Industry experts will weigh in on all of the above, offering optimal strategies for mitigating widespread risks.


Michael Moskow, Vice Chairman and Senior Fellow, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs; Former President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Lucy P. Marcus, Founder and CEO, Marcus Venture Consulting, Ltd.
Robert Genetski, Interest Rate Forecaster and Investment Banker

Moderator: Brendan Moynihan, Editor at Large, Bloomberg News

Please Note: This event is by invitation only


1 November 2011


Bloomberg BusinessWeek


Leading Insights “European Debt Crisis”

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