More Than Just Statistics: How to encourage creativity, innovation and risk-taking in Europe

The Future of Europe Summit has been created as an annual platform designed to contribute new approaches and ideas to address the challenges and issues that are shaping the evolution of Europe. The Summit focuses every year on one challenge of crucial relevance for the future of Europe, serving as a catalyst to energize thinking on action-oriented solutions.

The theme of the second Future of Europe Summit is “Addressing Europe´s Brainpower Challenge”. Our discussions will focus on the various factors that would contribute to significantly expanding Europe’s brainpower, thus increasing its growth potential and economic dynamism. Against the backdrop of an ever more demanding global economic and business environment, and the rise of China and India creating new competitive challenges, the Summit will provide an opportunity to assess and confront the challenges Europe faces in its need to mobilize local brainpower while also competing for international talent.

The Future of Europe Summit is committed to serving as a platform for high added value knowledge creation and we do look forward to your input to our discussions. Sessions at the Summit will be prepared and designed to generate specific action-oriented recommendations on how to revitalize and strengthen Europe´s brainpower over the coming years. Much attention has been devoted to creating session formats that will be most conducive to achieving these goals.

The Summit will bring together about 250 leaders from business, politics and academia, with a special emphasis on those actors who are at the forefront of thinking on how Europe can meet its brainpower requirements in order to retain its competitive edge in the global economy. The Summit will also provide an opportunity to discuss economic and business strategies with business leaders and experts from around the world. It will be a time-effective, privileged platform for networking among business leaders, senior policy-makers, opinion leaders and renowned thinkers on Europe.

Initiated by the Government of Andorra, the Future of Europe Summit is a non partisan, not for profit event. Please find attached the preliminary program along with a list of invited discussion leaders.

More Than Just Statistics: How to encourage creativity, innovation and risk-taking in Europe

Knowledge is of critical importance in today’s global economy. However speed, openness and acceptance of diversity are critical components in acquiring, developing and processing knowledge and information. What steps does Europe need to take to encourage open-minded thinking and a more risk-taking spirit? In the face of rising economic nationalism, how to change the mindset of the person on the street?

Jacques Attali, Author & Former President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Philippe Li, Attorney at law, Kim & Chang, Korea
Lucy P. Marcus, Chief Executive Officer, Marcus Venture Consulting, United Kingdom
Gaelle Muller, Business Angel and Head, European Angel Investing Firm – Go Beyond Ltd, France

Chaired by:
Nik Gowing, Main Presenter, BBC, UK


29 November 2007


2nd Future of Europe Summit

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