Planning for Growth

Sessions and talks:

The Knowledge: Blood, sweat, tears….and fun!
Entrepreneurs going through it
Learning from the experience: A roadmap for building a dotcom
The nuts and bolts of forming a company
Getting the technology right – staying alive on the web
Building your brand
The Resources: Execute, execute, execute
Picking up the right partners
The Funding: Show me the money
Living with investors
A practical guide to the funding process
Incubation – case studies

Speakers and panelists:

David Tee –
Rob Hersov -Sportal
Adrian Critchlow –
Rob Killick –
Judith Clegg –
Francesco Benincase –
Jeremy Holland –
David Tee –
Tim Hammond – IdeasHub
Neil Fletcher – SJ Berwin
Peter Hemmingway – BDO Stoy Hayward
Adam Wright
Nick Jankel-Elliot – happydog
Paul Worthy –
Peter Clarke – Compaq
Kathie Osborne – Exodus
Jac Peeris – Skillvest
Mark Cripps – Oasis Communications
Rohit Talwar – FastFuture
Nick Jankel-Elliot – happydog
Phil Cooper –
Nenad Marovac – Advent International
Lucy P Marcus – Marcus Venture Consulting
Rob Norton –
Felicia Jackson – NetImperative
Ian Smith –
Rob Bier – antfactory
Nick Rogers – Beeson Gregory
Gerard Brady – 3I
Jonathon Pittal – SJ Berwin
Rohit Talwar – FastFuture
Mark Riley –
Gavin Starks – Tornado Productions
Dave Dakota –
Roy King –


29 January 2000



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