TEDxNewSt: The changing role of the non-executive board director in today’s world


Lucy’s TEDTalk

Lucy spoke at TEDxNewSt about the changing role of the non-executive director in today’s world. She touched on how non-executive board directors need to demand more of themselves and their colleagues, and about being active, engaged, independent, and accountable board members and the different areas that board members need to be looking at today and tomorrow, from social responsibility to diversity, and from engaging with stakeholders to being willing to challenge the company even if it feels uneasy.

More details on the content of the talk be found in Board Directors in Today’s Board Rooms

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TEDxNewSt: Why better human understanding is the future of business success

Put aside business re-engineering, best-practice methodology, supply-chain rationalisation, process optimisation, procurement controls and the like. They may be relevant, perhaps even mandatory, in a successful business but they are not the things that will drive it. Success is simpler than that: if more people choose in your favour, you win.

Yet choice is complex. Why do people make the choices that they do? And how do they choose?

How do emotions and intellect combine? Or do they? How do people think? And most important of all, how best do you influence choice?

In the past businesses have largely ignored these questions, choosing instead to explore choice empirically and retrospectively – “here’s what we’ve made, what do you think?” It’s a trial and error approach, usually cost intensive and unpredictable. Which is the reason why so many business leaders fail to understand its potential and resort to running their operations on strictly logical, rational terms.

But new schools of thought are emerging that will transform the way that businesses understand, predict and influence choice.

TEDxNewSt will explore these topics, taking in along the way some remarkable new discoveries in science, breakthrough creative ideas, pragmatic advice and a fair dose of entertainment and light-hearted fun.

Deloitte Auditorium
2 New Street Square

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15 October 2010





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