Doing Business in Difficult Times: a 360° Perspective

There is no doubt that we are experiencing one of the most difficult global economic situations for decades, a situation that brings with it challenges for the entire private sector, from the individual entrepreneur to the well-established multi-national. What are the biggest challenges that organisations of all types and sizes are facing today and how can they address them in ways that not only help them to survive but to thrive? What does it take to lead such an organisation in these times of extreme flux and uncertainty? These are among the questions that this session will address.

Drawing on a wealth of experience and long and successful track record of advising companies and venture funds, Lucy P. Marcus argues that it is more important than ever to concentrate on core business activities and to think imaginatively about how they can represent new opportunities and avenues for growth. Knowing the stressors not only on one’s own business but also on the entire ecosystem of your business is key to identifying viable opportunities for growth. Going back to basics and thinking like an entrepreneur at a time when many businesses need to run on a shoestring is challenging, but can help to focus one’s mind on the essential aspects of the business and its relationships with partners, investors and stakeholders.


5 May 2009


University of Nottingham


Institute for Enterprise and Innovation


Nottingham, England

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